Doing nothing doesn't help against stress

Ah, finally, time to relax on the edge of the pool! With that thought, many people start their vacation. Unfortunately, research shows that the idea that a vacation helps you to get rid of work stress isn't completely true. It recharges you, but when you get back into the same stressful situations the holiday effect disappears quickly.

These are resources that you can apply every day that help to restore your brain's mental fatigue.

1. Listen to music

Music relaxes, inspires and regenerates your brain!

2. Move

Moving is a miracle for your brain. So even if you feel tired, put on those hiking shoes and get out!

3. Learn

Learning new things regenerates your brain. So do not sit still if you're mentally tired, but look for new challenges. It sounds difficult, but the result is worth the effort.

4. Sleep

Sleep is very important for your brain. Do it enough, do it on time and do it well. Give sleep priority in your life.

5. Stop multitasking

Multitasking is a stress-trigger. So pick up tasks one by one. Then you keep your brain happy and fit.


"Stress is the difference between what you want and what you can!"


(Thanks to Dr. Erik Scherder of



Happy Holidays!