Brain-based parenting

Daniel Hughes and Jonathan Baylin wrote an interesting book with this title. It is about what neuroscience teaches us about a close bond with your child. With the help of Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy (PACE), parental brain power can be increased, blocked parenthood can be prevented and the bond between educator and child can be strengthened. Blocked parenthood arises when we as a parent are frustrated or stressed. The deeper parts of our brains, which are closely connected to our body, are energetically activated and our ability to self-regulate, self-awareness and empathy is briefly suppressed. We and our children are then at the mercy of our less well-regulated emotions and actions. That does not always go well ... Fortunately, many parents are able to quickly recover from these 'un-parental' moments and they can restore the bond with their children, so that they can prevent lasting fractions in the relationship. Educating is an intense emotional process. Not bad at all to sometimes seek help. Reading this book and / or conversations with a coach can help to improve the relationship with your children.