Learning to forgive

A seventh sustainable happiness activity is learning to forgive.

Forgiveness can break the downward spiral of revenge (and reward others with the same evil)

Forgiveness is not a single event but a process.

Forgiving you can do unilaterally (ie, even if the other person is not open to it).

First look honestly at your own share.

Then determine the part of the offender.

Make, if possible, a loud and clear protest ( "This should never have happened!").

Decide what you need to restore relations.

Communicate this to the perpetrator.

Release the other; set the other free; give (if you are a believer) it into the hands of God.

Learning how to deal with setbacks

A sixth sustainable happiness activity is learning how to deal with disappointments. But how do you do that exactly? Research shows that it helps to have a network of supporting people around you. Sharing your experiences and emotions, orally or in writing, with understanding others helps to deal with them. Isolating and keeping it to yourself works negatively. So open up! Talking and writing about it really helps.

Cherish your social relations

A fifth activity that makes you happy in a sustainable way is to nurture social relationships. Take time for your partner, your family and your friends and you will notice how good it does to others and to yourself! Love. Pursue love, it says in the Bible. Make love your aim and priority number 1. Much love!

Be friendly

Fourth activity for sustainable happiness according to Sonja Lyubomirsky is being friendly. That is nice for others (who are sometimes desperately in need of that), but also for yourself. You yourself will become happier. Kindness, being selfless and generous, empathize with others, in short: perform acts of kindness is what this activity is all about.

Don't worry or compare yourself to others

The third activity for sustainable happiness you experience if you manage not to worry or compare yourself to others.

To worry is thinking too much, fantasizing the wrong way. It isn't helpful. You can learn how to stop this. See also my blog about this on 23-1-2014. Social comparison is when you compare yourself or your situation to others. And then usually with someone who seems to do better. This makes you unhappy. Also about this, I have previously written a blog (on 13-3-2013). Have faith, live in the moment and compare yourself only with yourself. For example, how you were first and what you have already learned by now. Good luck!