Stronger by adversity

Research shows that people who are faced with drastic events, indeed afterwards also see positive changes - in addition to the pain and discomfort that adversity brings. Posttraumatic growth that is called and  consists of: greater appreciation of life, warmer ties with friends or family, changed priorities and an increased sense of personal power. For example, according to research among people who survived lymphoma, 85% of them saw much sharper what life is worth.

3 tips for more resilience

One of my resolutions for 2016: write more blogs! Enjoy!

Christmas holiday, moment of reflection on the threshold of the new year. How do we want to step into the New Year? How do we develop more resilience so that we can deal better with stress? Here are three tips.

1) Learn something new

Study a new language, take on a volunteer job, make plans for a special trip. It challenges you brains. It helps you to focus on something else.

2) Provide a buffer

Everything that relaxes and enriches, helps building resilience for difficult times. The first thing overburdened people do out of guilt or lack of time is give up the things they enjoy. But anything that gives you positive energy is important to keep youself afloat. So grab your calendar and make hard appointments with yourself to go hiking, visit a good friend or read a book.

3) Live in the moment

It helps to give open and curious attention to what you experience here and now. Also the troublesome experiences. The past can not be changed. The future is still uncertain. Now is the moment where it happens.

Wish you all a resilient 2016!

To choose joy - against complaining

Prayer by Anselm Grün - from "The courage to decide"

Jesus Christ,

You have spoken in such a way so that people came into contact with joy.
Everywhere I see the negative. I am so weary. I always wait till others make me happy. Till others like me so that I may rejoice in their love and attention. But thereby I make myself dependent on others.
You have shown me a way to choose among all the sadness for joy, amidst the tears for laughter.
There are plenty of things I can be happy with: my health, my body, friends who are loyal to me, the beauty of nature, the sunny day.
But I shut myself off from that joy. I see always reasons to be sad and complain.
Stand in front of me, Jesus, and say to me: "Choose life! Choose happiness! The joy is in you. It's up to you let the joy that is on the basis of your soul rise, through my words, by the experiences of everyday life, the people you love, and let it rise more and more ever until it fills you completely."
Yes, Lord, I want to ask you to put me in touch with the joy that is already in me so that I choose for joy every day.


Not a victim anymore

Here again a prayer of Anselm Grün:

Bless what I take up, prayer against being a victim

Lord Jesus Christ,

I often feel like a victim.
I complain that others do not understand me.
I complain that my boss doesn't see me.
I have the impression that my life depends on the approval or rejection of others.
I am annoyed with myself because I feel that I make myself completely dependent on the response of others.
I want to finally learn to live my life myself. I do not want to be stuck in the role of the victim.

Tension and Trauma releasing exercises (TRE)

Last Friday, I attended a training of Groundwork. David Berceli (see has developed exercises (along with biologists, neurologists and neuroscientists) with which you can get the body's mechanism of trauma and stress reduction back to work. We underwent these exercises ourselves and learned how to guide others in this. A very special and relaxing experience! The exercises are ideal for people who find it difficult to talk, who live too much in their heads or have psychosomatic symptoms due to stress and trauma. The exercises can also be used for the discharge of daily stress and to become totally relaxed. More information? Please contact me.