This day we celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the Netherlands. Here some thoughts on thankfulness:

-Thankfulness is the mother of all virtues.
(Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman statesman and writer 106 b.C. - 43 b.C.)

-Thankfulness is a little flower that only grows in a few gardens.
(Guido Gezelle, Flemish poet and writer 1830-1899)

-Although human beings naturally are not inclined to thankfulness, a person feels more hurt by the ingratitude of others then by anything else.
(Friedrich Hebbel, German writer 1816-1863)

A nice excercise for today: think of as many things as possible that you can be thankful for. And... how does that feel? If you are a believer: address your gratitude towards God. Everybody a good Thanksgiving!

Irritation is like a boomerang

Sometimes you think that another person really went too far and that he or she need to make excuses to you. But the result of this attitude is an enlargement of the conflict. Please ask yourself the following questions: how important is the relationship for you? Why did you became friends? If the other person never was a good friend or when there never was a good relationship, ask yourself if it maybe wiser to give your energy to something or somebody else.

Loss of a job can look like the loss of a loved one

To be fired is something with huge impact. You worked hard and have maybe given everything you had but still there is no place for you anymore. That can be very painful. Actually, you enter a grieving process, like you also go through when you loose a loved one. Good to take the time for it.

Complaining and grumbling

Some people seem to be allergic for it, but actually everybody at some point falls into the trap of complaining and grumbling. Isn't it? Nevertheless, in many organisations seems to be a taboo on grumbling and other expressions of frustration.

Check your relation

What makes that some people succeed in staying happy their whole life and even in love, while others make each other very unhappy? John and Julie Gottman did extensive research in this area and learned a lot!